Model List

This is the updated list of models appearing in “Transformation” by first name and last initial(s). Some models wish to be anonymous, so this list is for the benefit of those I’ve worked with, not for identifying them to the general public. If your name is here and you’d like me to remove it to further protect your anonymity let me know.

Many of my favourite images and models were not chosen because specific criteria for this particular book that were set out by Bruno Gmünder. Please know that if your name is not on the list it has nothing to do with my preferences or choices – all my photographs were (and will be again) presented to the editors in question.

The list (in order of appearance, without repetition for those appearing multiple times):


Brad F Jon H
Terry Tommy
Eric B Kfir
Eric T Jeff L
Duncan & Peter R Marius
Chris DeP Cason, Chris L, & Neil
Mike Claude
David L Bob F & Denis B
Clint Matt DeG
Max Ben
Matej Nigel
Gunner Bart
Dave & Bryan H.R. & William
Josh McK Stephane & Dave
Nader Roger