Information for Models

I’m very laid back and easy to get along with, but it’s important for people to understand where I’m coming from before we work together so there’s no misunderstanding later on. If you’d like to work with me, please make sure you’re onboard with all this before sending me your picture and inquiry. With very few exceptions, I am unlikely to import models from far away.

When I set out to shoot a model I am only interested in getting 1-2 *perfect* images from the shoot – so I will only promise to retouch 1-2 images. You’ll get more of them un-retouched if you like but the truth is they will not look remotely like my finished images do (I spend a lot of time photo-editing). Even if someone else retouches them for you (the extras), you are unlikely to be satisfied with them.

If/when I do finish a piece for gallery I will also provide a print to the model, up to 17×22 (larger if you cover the cost), as long as I have up to date contact information – but realize this may not happen for a long time. It’s becoming increasingly difficult with my schedule as it is to accommodate additional retouching for people. Obviously it’s possible to circumvent this by paying me my standard retouching rate (I do still try to give deals to people I work with when I can).

Also, because my work is either mixed media (painted), or heavily manipulated in photoshop, I can work months on a new show without shooting or requiring a studio. Rather than keep a studio I prefer to rent one every so often and book models during those dates.

Here’s an official list of what models can expect:

1. To show me your photo ID. Currently I’m only working with models who are 19 years of age or older.
2. A laid back and professionally respectful shoot.
3. A written agreement which spells out how my image approval process works.
4. A DVD of ‘approved’ images and consent to have another retoucher go at them.
5. All models get some editorial control. People have more fun and less afraid to look stupid when they know they can ask to delete images afterwards – so I encourage models to review and approve images before I make any choices. As long as I end up with a couple at the end I can use then I’m happy.